Police warning to Hartlepool residents during the warmer summer months


HARTLEPOOL residents are being reminded to secure their homes to prevent burglaries this summer.

Cleveland Police are urging members of the public to lock their doors and windows to deter any opportunist criminals from entering their properties and stealing goods.

The warning comes as the weather warms up and more people leave windows and doors open to let cool air into their homes.

Detective Chief Inspector of Volume Crime, Jason Dickson, said: “During the summer, people have a tendency to leave their doors and windows insecure and valuable gardening items can be left around in full view of criminals.

“Even when indoors, people go into their gardens and leave their front doors unlocked, which can provide the perfect chance for an opportunist burglar to get into your home.

“We want to help members of the public to prevent themselves from becoming victims of crime.

“Not doing so can have long-lasting effects.”

Officers also urged people to secure garden sheds and keep valuable gardening tools out of sight.