POLL: Should Hartlepool Council have used taxpayers' money to defend the anonymity of Angela Wrightson's killers?

Angela Wrightson, known as "Angie".
Angela Wrightson, known as "Angie".

Two teenage killers who murdered Angela Wrightson in her Hartlepool home will not be named following their jail sentence, imposed yesterday.

A number of parties, including the girls' barristers, Cleveland Police and Hartlepool Council, argued that the girls would be put at risk if they were named publicly.

But 89% of Hartlepool Mail readers voted to say they want their identities to be revealed.

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Representations were made in court yesterday, to Mr Justice Henry Globe, by Ian Wise QC on behalf of the council.

He argued that "the welfare of these children outweighs any other interests" and urged the judge to keep the anonymity.

But do you think taxpayers' money should have been used to fund a barrister, who spoke in court yesterday to fight for the girl's anonymity?
Speaking in court, Mr Wise added: "The local authority also has an obligation towards family members of these girls.

"There are also financial concerns as a consequence of the widespread publicity concerning the girls. The primary issue is their welfare.

"I would ask for the existing order to remain in place, not the application for the order to be lifted."

VOTE: Should the council have paid for a barrister? Click here to vote
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