Prolific Hartlepool thief who went on crime spree is spared jail

Hartlepool Magistrates' Court.
Hartlepool Magistrates' Court.

A PROLIFIC thief who was spared jail for a burglary went on to commit further crimes within a matter of weeks.

Hartlepool woman Tammy Wilmot avoided being sent to prison last month after she climbed over a yard wall and smashed a window to get into a man’s house.

The 24-year-old, who has been addicted to heroin since she was a teenager, was given a suspended sentence by a judge Teesside Crown Court.

But within a matter of weeks she committed a series of further crimes which almost landed her in jail.

Wilmot stole a pad of hospital travel claim forms which are used by people on benefits to claim for their travel expenses.

She also put in for a number of fraudulent claims for herself totalling around £12, but was caught before she gained from the con.

Wilmot also admitted shoplifting some cheese on another occasion.

The new offences put her in breach of her recent suspended sentence when she was given 12 months prison suspended for two years.

Wilmot admitted two counts of theft and one of dishonestly making a false representation when she appeared at Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court.

Justices referred the case to the crown court due to the breaches of the suspended sentence.

But a judge decided to give her one more chance to keep on the straight and narrow and decided not to send her to prison straightaway.

Wilmot, of Straker Street, Hartlepool, was given 18 months prison suspended for two years.

She is also getting supervision from the probation service and undergoing a six-month drug rehabilitation course.

The court previously heard how she has a string of shop thefts on her record linked to her long-standing heroin addiction.

She had been out of trouble for six months when she committed the house burglary in Stirling Street, Hartlepool, on January 27.

Police were called after she was seen by a neighbour using a recycling bin to climb over the yard wall.

Her barrister told the court nothing had been taken and Wilmot had recently got her own accommodation for the first time in her life which she would lose if she was jailed.

Wilmot was jailed for eight months in March last year after stealing £100 of chocolate from a shop when probation officers said they all their efforts to help her had failed.