Protest charges dropped against Hartlepool Green Party candidate

Michael Holt pictured with associates.
Michael Holt pictured with associates.

A PROSPECTIVE MP candidate who was arrested following a protest in London has seen the charges against him dropped.

Michael Holt, a Green Party candidate who is standing in the General Election in Hartlepool, was arrested on October 21 last year and charged with obstructing a police officer in the execution of his duty, and also for failing to comply with a direction to leave.

Michael Holt at a previous march.

Michael Holt at a previous march.

The charges followed Mr Holt taking part in the protests about having a democracy free from corporate interests, in Parliament Square Gardens, London.

The case was listed for trial at Westminster Magistrate’s Court this summer, but at a hearing yesterday it was revealed that the Crown pProsecution Service (CPS) had decided to drop both charges against Mr Holt, from Hartlepool.

He said: “I am glad that the CPS has seen sense and decided that prosecuting me for peacefully protesting is not in the public interest.”

There were 30 other arrests of protesters for refusing to leave the square.

He said, “I was protesting because of my concerns about how our entire political process has been captured by big business and financial elites.

“My main motivation in attending was to illustrate my concern about establishment child abuse.

“It is deeply worrying to me that wealthy and powerful individuals have been able to get away with the most disturbing of crimes with no repercussions.

“I have been charged with more crimes by the Metropolitan Police than Jimmy Saville was, which is ridiculous!”

Last year Mr Holt took part in a national march from the North East to London to raise awareness of concerns over the privatisation of the health service.

Insurance salesman Michael, 25, of Dalton Piercy, a member of Teesside Green Party, called on people to join him on the leg from Jarrow to Chester-le-Street.

Other candidates standing in the General Election for Hartlepool are: Hilary ALLEN, Liberal Democrats; Sandra ALLISON, Your Vote Could Save Our Hospital; Phillip BROUGHTON, UKIP; John Neville HOBBS, Independent – Tell It Like It Is; Stephen PICTON, Independent; Richard Mark, ROYAL Conservatives; Iain David WRIGHT, Labour.