Pub roof yobs pelt cars with tiles

The Merry Go Round pub
The Merry Go Round pub

POLICE held a six-hour stand-off with yobs who were throwing tiles off a pub roof.

The two men had climbed on top of the Merry Go Round pub in Easington Road, Hartlepool, before ripping up the roof tiles and throwing them at passing cars.

They also smashed windows of the pub during the drama that lasted from 11.30pm last night until 5.30am today.

Police closed the roundabout and stretches of Easington Road, Throston Grange Lane and Holdforth Road for six hours because of the danger the men were causing to motorists.

A police negotiator had to be called to the scene to talk the pair into coming down from the roof.

No-one was hurt in the incident, which ended with two men, in their early 20s, being arrested on suspicion of committing criminal damage.

They will be questioned later today and officers will be assessing the full extent of the damage. Inspector Bernie Hanson, of Hartlepool Police, said: “We were told there was someone up on the roof of the pub.

“We quickly got units there and there were two people on the roof throwing tiles at passing vehicles, so much so that they were endangering people using the roads.

“The roads were closed to stop anyone being hurt and we are pleased that there were no injuries reported.

“We called a negotiator out to try to talk the two men down. Two men were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage.

“They will be questioned today and the extent of the damage will also be assessed. There were a number of tiles on the ground and windows had been smashed.”