Residents’ ‘mega breakthrough’ as police shut down suspected drugs den

PC Glen Davies outside the drug house in Horden
PC Glen Davies outside the drug house in Horden

RELIEVED residents say they have had a “mega breakthrough” after police closed down a suspected drugs den.

Peterlee Police boarded up a terraced house in Eleventh Street, in Horden, yesterday after officers said the property was the subject of numerous complaints of alleged Class A drug-dealing and anti-social behaviour.

The closure order was made after police applied to Peterlee Magistrates’ Court yesterday morning and the occupants were told to move out.

Residents in the street told the Mail they were relieved that the alleged drug-dealers had gone, after “people and cars were coming and going at all hours”.

They also said alleged drug addicts had knocked on neighbours’ doors, including those of the elderly, mistaking their homes for the ‘drug den’.

Pat Barnett, secretary of Horden Colliery Residents’ Association, said: “This is what we can achieve working together as a community with the police. This is a mega-breakthrough, because we don’t want drugs in the village. They cause a nuisance, to say nothing of bringing the youngsters into drugs.

“We are absolutely delighted.”

A Durham Police spokesman said: “This was a community-driven operation in response to residents’ concerns. The residents will not tolerate drug-dealing in Horden.”