Royal rumble: Three jailed over brutal pub brawl after christening party in Hartlepool

The Royal Hotel, Church Street
The Royal Hotel, Church Street

Three men have been jailed for a total of ten years for their part in a mass pub brawl.

Trouble flared in the Royal pub in Church Street, Hartlepool, after seven people arrived from an earlier christening party, Teesside Crown Court heard.

David Hebron

David Hebron

Father and son David and Daniel Rochford attacked landlord Ian Anderson, and were joined in the attack by David Hebron.

Also injured was barmaid Danielle Smith and karaoke DJ Scott Chapman as they came to Mr Anderson’s aid.

During a trial lasting two weeks, a jury heard the atmosphere in the pub was generally good until Mr Anderson led a man from the premises. “He went quietly,” said Anthony Dunne, prosecuting.

“It seems this sparked a sustained and violent attack on Mr Anderson.

David Rochford

David Rochford

“He was repeatedly punched and kicked to his face and body.

“David Rochford grabbed Mr Anderson’s legs and bit his left thigh.

“Another man, who was with a woman, bit Mr Anderson’s thumb.

“An earring was pulled from his left ear during the fracas.”

Daniel Rochford

Daniel Rochford

Mr Dunne said it was the prosecution’s case that at least seven people were involved in the incident, although there may have been more.

David Rochford, 45, of Raby Gardens, Daniel Rochford, 25, of Henderson Grove, and David Hebron, 29, of Bruce Crescent, all Hartlepool, all denied violent disorder on May 26, last year.

Each was convicted by the jury.

Linda Rochford, 43, of Raby Gardens, Benjamin Sladen, 25, of Swallow Close, Craig Waddington, 24, of Allerton Close, and Daniel Joyce, 25, of Granville Avenue, all Hartlepool, all denied violent disorder.

They were found not guilty by the jury after claiming they were innocent bystanders, or had only struck out to defend themselves.

Judge Sean Morris sentenced Daniel Rochford and David Hebron to three-and-half years in prison each.

David Hebron was sentenced to three years.

The judge told the men: “This was a disgraceful mob- handed attack on a landlord, who ended up with a severely disfigured face.

“It is just luck he suffered no fractures, and his injuries repaired.

“You also attacked a woman, and the pub’s karaoke DJ.

“If any of you ever come before me again for violence of this nature, I will give you as long a sentence as I can get away with.”

Several people in the court’s public gallery sobbed as the three men were taken down to begin their