Schoolgirls who kidnapped toddler from Primark to be sentenced next week after judge asks for more time in 'most unusual' case


Two teenage girls will be sentenced next week for kidnapping a toddler from a Primark store.

The youths took a two-year-old black girl who was a complete stranger to them, from the store on Northumberland Street in Newcastle in April.

The toddler was found three miles and an hour and 45 minutes later in Gosforth Central Park.

The girls, aged 13 and 14, who had also stolen dummies from Boots and milk, pleaded guilty to kidnap and two counts of theft.

A further charge of kidnapping with intent to commit a relevant sexual offence has been dropped.

The pair were due to be sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court this morning.

But Mr Justice Globe adjourned the case to allow the girls more time to speak to their legal teams.

It is hoped further discussions may result in a better understanding of what the girls' motives were when they took the child.

The judge said : "At the moment this is a wholly unexplained piece of offending.

"It doesn't make sense. Until I know what the case is actually about, how can I possibly pass an appropriate sentence."

The judge said a worst case scenario was that "something terrible" was going to happen to the child.

The girls, who sat in the well of the court with their advisers rather than the glass fronted, high security dock, could face a community based sentence or years behind bars.

The judge said it was "crucial" to have all information possible before considering sentence in this "most unusual " case.

The sentence hearing will now take place on Monday.

Just hours before the teens snatched the toddler they had tried to trick the mother of another young black girl in the same store.

At a previous hearing the court was also told that the girls had been researching rape on a tablet before they took the child.

The child was taken on April 13 at 4.55pm sparking a major police search in the city of Newcastle.