Second shocking attack on a horse

Ron Colledge from White Lea Farm, Easington with 'Chenelle'.
Ron Colledge from White Lea Farm, Easington with 'Chenelle'.

A HORSE was left with a gaping cut in the second attack of its kind in the space of a week.

Bay horse Chanel was attacked in a field at Whitelea Farm, Easington Colliery, between 7pm on Wednesday at 8am yesterday.

The vet called out to sedate and treat the wound with eight stitches believes a Stanley or craft knife could have been used to cause the injury.

She is being cared for my farm owner Ron Colledge and has been prescribed antibiotics, alongside Donna Lynn, 41, Ron’s stepdaughter, and Donna’s partner Paul Stephenson, 31.

Police are investigating the assault, with officers looking into whether there could be a link to a similar attack in Haswell a week ago, which left a horse in need of 90 stitches to his neck.

Ron, 68, said: “Whoever did this wants putting down.

“It’s absolutely disgraceful for somebody to do such a thing to an animal.

“They reason why I’ve involved the police and media is because of what happened in Haswell.

“We’re only 15 minutes away.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Durham Constabulary on 101.