Single punch in Hartlepool pizza shop leaves victim with skull deformity

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A BRICKLAYER left a man with a fractured skull and a broken wrist with one punch in a pizza shop.

Jamie Redshaw, 24, attacked the man in the takeaway in York Road, Hartlepool.

Prosecutor Rebecca Brown told Teesside Crown Court the victim had drunk between eight and 10 pints when he was attacked at around midnight.

She said that he could vaguely recall a slight argument and the next thing he knew he was in hospital.

The shop assistant told police Redshaw and a friend were taking the mickey out of the man on September 13 last year.

The three men went outside and she heard a scuffle before the victim returned followed later by Redshaw who punched him once to the face.

She said she could still hear the thud which followed as he hit the floor. She rang 999 and the incident was captured on the shop’s CCTV.

The victim sustained a fractured skull and right wrist and he was detained in the University Hospital of North Tees for 24 hours.

The man, an engineer, told police last month he still suffered headaches and he was left with a deformity to his skull and was quite paranoid about being attacked again.

Ian Mullarkey, defending, said Redshaw believed at first that the injuries might have been caused by his friend during the fight in the street, but he accepted blame immediately when a medical report said that it was more likely to have happened when the victim fell in the shop.

He said Redshaw recognised that he had a drink problem and he was determined not to find himself in that position again.

Judge George Moorhouse told Redshaw: “Clearly drink is one of your problems, you had had nearly eight pints.”

Redshaw, of Minch Road, Hartlepool, was given a nine months jail sentence suspended for two years with 150-hours unpaid work, ordered to pay £750 compensation at £50 a week and a surcharge of £100 after he pleaded guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm.