Six sex offenders from the Hartlepool area who have been sentenced this year


Today we look at some of the most worrying crimes in Hartlepool.

A number of criminals with links to the borough have already been sentenced this year for committing sexual offences.

Their crimes range from sexual assault, to possessing indecent photographs of children, and even rape.

If you’ve been the victim of a sexual offence, there are support organisations out there which can help you when reporting a crime, going to court, and after a trial.

Support offered by these organisations include:

• Emotional support - coping with the after-effects of crime.

• Practical help - getting locks changed, or help filling in forms for insurance and compensation claims.

• Advice on dealing with the police.

• Help finding a counsellor.

There are also a number of helplines you can call anonymously for support.

Find out more about what is available to you as a victim of crime via Police UK here.