Speeding campaign nets 283 drivers in Cleveland and Durham

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A CLAMPDOWN on speeding drivers caught almost 300 offenders in just one week.

The joint campaign in Cleveland and Durham force areas resulted in 283 motorists prosecuted for speeding.

The week-long initiative ran from Monday, August 19, and was co-ordinated by the European Traffic Police Network (TISPOL).

Officers for Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit conducted high-profile and static speed checks during the campaign.

Police say the majority of collisions in Cleveland and Durham where speeding was a factor happen on 30mph roads.

They add going over slightly over the limit can mean the difference between a pedestrian being killed or not.

Assistant Chief Constable for Cleveland Police, Sean White, said: “Officers have seen the catastrophic consequences that speeding can have for motorists, pedestrians and other road users and their families.

“Our priority is to keep people as safe as possible on our roads and to prevent these incidents from happening wherever we can.”

Temporary Chief Inspector Ed Turner, of the Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit, added: “With around 35,000 deaths on Europe’s roads every year, many of them due to speeding, those drivers that do not abide by the law will be prosecuted. It is disappointing so many people have chosen not to adhere to the speed limits and we will continue our work to reduce the number of serious casualties and deaths on our roads.”