Takeaway driver crashed twice after taking diazepam at ex-girlfriend’s house

DRIVING BAN: Farshid Khaki.
DRIVING BAN: Farshid Khaki.

A TAKEAWAY worker crashed his car twice after taking two “painkilling” pills at his ex-girlfriend’s house and drove home when her current boyfriend was on his way back.

Fashid Khaki went to his former partner’s home and took the tablets – which were later found to be diazepam – and fell asleep.

But she woke the sleeping 38-year-old to tell him that her current boyfriend was on his way round and that he had to leave immediately.

Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court heard that while in his drowsy state, Khaki, got into his Vauxhall Astra car and drove away.

He crashed once in Dent Street, where he lives, at about 5.10am, causing damage to a Vauxhall Zafira car, and then at 6.15am he was involved in a second accident, this time damaging a traffic island in Catcote Road.

A good Samaritan stopped to help after the second accident and suspected Khaki, who left the scene, of being drunk.

But when he was arrested a short time later he was found to have diazepam, above normal medicinal levels, in his system.

Prosecuting, John Garside told Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court: “There are two offences of failing to stop. He’s driven a car twice about an hour apart and crashed on two separate occasions.

“It was 5.10am in the morning when the defendant crashed into a parked Vauxhall Zafira in Dent Street. Witnesses heard the accident and saw him drive away.

“Then at 6.15am he was seen in Catcote Road with the wheels off his car and the suspension damaged. A witness who stopped to assist thought he was under the influence of alcohol. Police went to the defendant’s house and it was found that he had taken diazepam, a sedative above normal medication levels. He told officers that he went to his ex-girlfriend’s house, she had given him the tablets and he had fallen asleep.

“She woke him up to get out of the house because her current boyfriend was on his way and the defendant drove in a drowsy state to get home.

“He admitted the two accidents but his recollection was clouded by the drugs.

“He has no previous convictions.”

Khaki, of Dent Street, pleaded guilty to driving while unfit through drugs on August 13.

He also admitted failing to stop after the accident in Dent Street during which damage was caused to a Vauxhall Zafira car, and also failing to stop after crashing in Catcote Road whereby damage was caused to a traffic island.

Mitigating, Dave Smith said: “The drugs were not taken for their effect in a recreational sense. My client sustained injuries in an accident a couple of years ago and he was struggling to sleep around this period.

“At that time, his former partner that he visited helped him out by providing the couple of tablets saying that they would help the pain. He took them without knowing what they were.

“She had pestered him to go round because she was upset and wanted emotional support.

“There was nothing going on between the pair of them but she was of the opinion that it would be perceived that way.

“This resulted in her asking him to leave quickly and he was effectively bundled out of the front door and into his car and he drove off.”

He added: “He accepts that the state the tablets left him in was a contributory factor to the accidents and the damage caused. It was spare of the moment panic which led him to leave the scene of the two accidents.”

Chairman of the bench Keith Kitching banned him from driving for 18 months, ordered him to pay a £110 fine, £85 costs, and a £20 victim surcharge.