Teaching assistant bought Ann Summers sexting book and asked pupil to pick knickers, court hears

Teaching assistant Helen Turnbull arriving at Teesside Crown Court.
Teaching assistant Helen Turnbull arriving at Teesside Crown Court.

A TEACHING assistant asked a pupil which knickers she should wear for a secret meeting with him – “pink or yellow”, a court has heard.

Helen Turnbull, 35, denies having sex with the boy but has admitted kissing him during secret meetings in her Mini convertible, and sending him flirtatious messages.

Turnbull bought a book on sexting from the Ann Summers chain because she was inexperienced at it, she told the court.

The mother-of-two from Haswell, County Durham, has admitted one count of sexual activity with a child by a person in a position of trust, relating to kissing, but denies three further counts relating to sex, a sex act and oral sex.

In the witness box, Turnbull has denied being unfaithful to her ex-husband Ben, and said that she never had sex with the boy, who cannot be identified.

Sarah Mallett, prosecuting, read out some of the messages the pair sent each other over the internet after they first kissed on an industrial estate.

He wrote to her: “You love kissing me.”

She replied: “It’s a guilty pleasure.”

She added: “Clearly teaching does have its perks.”

When Miss Mallett asked if teaching had the “advantage” of giving her contact with people to kiss, Turnbull replied: “That was a stupid thing to say and I fully admit it.

“Earlier in the messages I say why am I even doing it.

“I was confused.

“Guilty pleasure - we did kiss and I did feel guilty about it.”

Earlier, Miss Mallett read out a message Turnbull sent to the boy when they were discussing two men who may have seen them kissing.

She wrote: “They were thinking ‘them two are well horny but she’s out of his league’.”

After sending sexual messages to the boy, she told a female friend: “I have been disgraceful, I have been sexting him.

“I’m mint at it obvs (obviously), because I am an English teacher.”

Turnbull told the court: “I bought a book from Ann Summers because I hadn’t done anything like this before.”

The defendant said although she sent sexual messages, they had not had sex.

She sent the boy a message saying “TDTM”, meaning Talk Dirty To Me, the court heard.

Miss Mallett asked: “Were you in love with him?”

She replied: “No I was not, I cared about him. When I look back now I don’t know what I was thinking.”

She denied the prosecution barrister’s assertion she was using the boy, and it was “one big ego trip”.