Teen yob locked up for vicious assault in Hartlepool’s Church Street

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A TEENAGER who punched a reveller unconscious and caused internal bleeding in a drink-fuelled street attack has been locked up.

Ryan Dowson hit 20-year-old Lee Moore at 3am in Hartlepool’s Church Street for no reason, Teesside Crown Court was told.

Mr Moore was immediately knocked unconscious by the single blow and hit his head hard on the floor.

Dowson, 19, was on a suspended sentence at the time of the attack and despite his young age, he already has 36 crimes on his record.

David Crook, prosecuting, said there had been animosity in Church Street in the lead up to the attack.

Mr Crook said: “It seemed to resolve however there was then a verbal argument between the defendant and the victim.

“It was suggested the defendant invited Mr Moore to have a fight which he refused to involve himself in.

“Then out of the blue the defendant stepped forward and punched Mr Moore to the face once.

“It caused him to lose consciousness almost immediately and he fell to the floor hitting his head hard on the road.

“The victim was taken to hospital. He was confused had a large swelling to the back of the head and a CT scan indicated internal bleeding, but it seemed to resolve itself.”

In a statement Mr Moore told how the attack meant he could not remember three years’ of work from an electrical engineering course he was doing at college.

Dowson, of Wynyard Mews, Hartlepool, was found guilty of actual bodily harm after a magistrates’ court trial.

Rebecca Brown, mitigating, said Dowson had “grown up” since the attack on May 25 last year and had suffered a personal tragedy with the recent unexplained death of older brother Gary Dowson.

She said: “This is a young man who unfortunately when in drink acts on impulse.

“He expresses remorse for what happened on that night and appreciates how serious it was.”

He was given six months in a young offenders’ institution.

Judge Peter Armstrong said: “I’m afraid that’s the least sentence I can pass for street violence which results in this kind of injury.

“We hear all too often these sort of offences can result in tragic consequences where people end up with fractured skulls and it can be fatal.

“There are no reasons to suspend this sentence. You’ve had your chances in the past and your record goes against you I’m afraid.”