Teenage knife raiders split victim’s lip after breaking into Hartlepool house

Teesside Crown Court
Teesside Crown Court

Two teenagers have been jailed after they smashed their way into a sleeping man’s flat at 5am and tried to rob him at knifepoint.

Anthony Ryan and Leon Adams were drunk after leaving a party and they wanted cash to buy more drink.

The victim who was at home in Glamis Walk, Hartlepool, recognised their voices outside his door, but he ignored them hoping that they would go away.

But they kicked in the door and Ryan punched him several times in the face, and they were shouting “where’s that fifty pounds you owe us”.

Prosecutor Harry Hadfield told Teesside Crown Court that the man said he did not owe them anything.

The man saw that Adams had a knife and he was shouting “give me the TV”.

He refused to hand over the TV and Adams was waving the knife backwards and forwards in a threatening manner.

Ryan was trying to hit him with a vacuum cleaner, and the victim realised that his lip was split and bleeding.

Mr Hadfield said the victim was shouting “don’t stab me, don’t stab me”, possibly hoping that somebody would hear him.

Eventually the pair left without taking anything, but a neighbour had seen them entering and leaving the building.

Police arrived and the victim was taken to the University Hospital of North Tees where stitches were put into his lower lip.

The would-be robbers were arrested the next day. Ryan said that they were out of their heads on drink. He said that he had drunk half a litre of vodka and cans of lager. Adams initially said that he was not there.

Jim Withyman, defending, said Adams was appalled by the violence he used, and Paul Abrahams, defending Ryan, said the knife was not taken into the flat.

Judge Howard Crowson said it was a serious offence.

The judge told them: “You threatened him with violence which was used and you threatened him with a knife.

“He was in his own home asleep in his bed and you were both drunk, and driven by alcohol you did something you probably would not have done if you were sober.”

Ryan, 18, of Marlowe Road, Hartlepool, was found guilty of attempted robbery after a trial and was sentenced to two years and nine months in youth custody and Adams, 17, of Eskdale Road, Hartlepool, was sentenced to 18 months detention and training after he pleaded guilty to attempted robbery.