‘Tell the kids I love them’ – Man stabbed by lifelong friend thought he was going to die


A MAN who was stabbed by a lifelong friend thought he was going to die.

The victim of Marc Blades told people tending his leg injury: “Tell the kids I love them, my time is up,” Durham Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor Richard Bennett said Blades is ‘dependent on alcohol’ and had been drinking heavily on Boxing Day last year.

“He formed the impression his former partner was at the home of his childhood friend Neil Thompson,” Mr Bennett told the court.

“Blades phoned Mr Thompson on more than one occasion before turning up at his door.

“He told Mr Thompson: ‘I’m coming back with swords.’

“Blades did return a short time later.”

The court heard that when Blades returned, he drew two knives from his pockets, holding one in each hand.

Mr Thompson tried to calm him and during a struggle was stabbed in the leg.

“It was a deep wound to the thigh,” added Mr Bennett. “The knife came close to emerging through the skin on the other side.

“The wound bled profusely and was obviously life-threatening.

“The Crown accepts the stabbing was not deliberate in the sense that it happened while Blades was struggling to break free.”

Blades, 38, of Potto Street, Shotton Colliery, admitted unlawful wounding, and two charges of carrying a bladed article with intent to cause fear of violence.

Richard Herrmann, mitigating, said: “Mr Blades has been able to provide several references to say that he is a decent man when not drunk.

“Mr Thompson is a childhood friend and is one of the last people he would want to hurt.”

Judge Neil Clark jailed Blades for two years.

The judge told him: “You went to the house uninvited and armed with two knives.

“As so often happens when a person takes a knife with them to a confrontation, somebody else suffered a serious injury.”