‘Three glasses of wine takes 13 hours to leave bloostream’ – police warning at launch of summer drink-drive campaign

Police doing road side breathalyser test
Police doing road side breathalyser test

POLICE are warning drivers about the risks of getting behind the wheel after drinking the night before.

The joint Cleveland and Durham road police unit issued the advice for the launch of their summer drink drive campaign.

The campaign will include random stop checks of vehicles and breath testing of any driver committing a traffic offence or who is involved in a crash.

Police say statistics show June is the second worst month for accidents involving drink driving.

Inspector Ed Turner said: “We work all year round to get the message across that drinking and driving don’t mix, but the summer months always present additional challenges.

“One of the main messages we would like to get across is the amount of time alcohol takes to leave your system.

“Many people think they are okay to drive the morning after having a drink. But they are completely unaware of the fact that, for example even three 250ml glasses of wine, will take at least 13 hours to leave your bloodstream.

“I would urge people to watch the amount they are drinking and not put themselves, or other road-users at risk.”

Officers will also hand out leaflets at roadside tests reminding drivers of drink driving law and punishments.