Three Hartlepool men to be sentenced in new year after 2kg cocaine seizure

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THREE Hartlepool men will have to wait until the new year to learn their fate after admitting drugs charges.

Alan Forcer, 33, Robert Elsdon, 43, and Lee Ryan, 29, are facing lengthy jail terms after pleading guilty to conspiracy to supply cocaine.

It follows the seizure of two kilograms of the Class A drug which was of a high purity.

Mark Devine, 47, of Walmer Road, Liverpool, also pleaded guilty to the same offence.

The gang was due to be sentenced at Teesside Crown Court on Friday.

But the case was adjourned until next year after the court ran out of time.

Forcer, of Southbrook Avenue, and Ryan, of Calder Grove, both Hartlepool, also dispute the crown’s claim that they played leading roles in the crime.

They, along with Elsdon, of Chesterton Road, Hartlepool, and Devine, were remanded in custody.

They will now be sentenced sometime early next year on a date still to be fixed.