Thug jailed for assaulting six women – including stamping on his own sister

Sam Brownless
Sam Brownless

A THUG who assaulted six women in a catalogue of attacks – including stamping on his own sister – has been caged for 14 months.

A judge said the shocking offences of drunken bully Sam Brownless, 22, deserved longer behind bars but he was restricted by sentencing guidelines.

Brownless could only be jailed for a maximum of six months for the attacks as they were classed as low level “summary offences” which he pleaded guilty to before magistrates.

That meant that despite Brownless being sent to the crown court, the judge’s powers were limited to the maximum that the magistrates court could give.

Hartlepool-based domestic violence charity Harbour hit out at the sentence and say the system should be reviewed so the punishment fits the crime.

Brownless was only jailed for longer when the judge activated a previously suspended prison sentence from when he crashed someone else’s car into a care home.

The court heard how Brownless attacked his sister when she and his mum refused to hand over his six-month-old baby when he came home drunk from the pub on Friday, November 27.

Sue Jacobs, prosecuting, said: “He grabbed his sister from behind and dragged her to the floor by her hair.

“He punched and kicked her about the body and stamped on her several times.”

Luckily, she escaped with relatively minor injuries including a split lip, bump to her forehead and general soreness.

Last September, Brownless lashed out at four young women in Victoria Road, at 3am after a run-in with one of the girls.

He landed punches to each of the girls’ faces leaving them with nosebleeds, swelling and pain which lasted for several days.

One said she was “shocked that such a large man would assault girls in such a way”.

The final attack Brownless committed was on a girl he tried to kiss at a house party in York Place, Hartlepool, on Friday, February 23.

Ms Jacobs said that when she rejected him he “ran at her, punched her to the mouth, nose and forehead causing her to fall to the floor”.

She suffered a burst lip, black eye and bruising around her mouth.

The victim said: “I think it’s disgusting that he would do that to girls.

“He’s a bully and needs to learn he can’t do that.”

Brownless, of Rockpool Close, Hartlepool, admitted six counts of common assault and committing further offences which put him in breach of a suspended sentence.

Paul Cleasby, mitigating, said: “When sober he’s straight forward and rational.

“His family speak well of him when he is not in drink.”

Judge David Hatton said: “I’m limited in the sentence that I can impose unfortunately because the appropriate sentence would be considerably higher and greater than that which I’m allowed to impose.”

Denise Chadwick, services manager at domestic violence charity Harbour Refuge, said of the case: “It is really worrying.

“The justice system needs to be reviewed in individual cases like this so the courts can actually give out sentences that reflect the catalogue of abuse that he has obviously carried out.”