Uncle of Mark Denton’s killers found not guilty by jury

Mark Denton
Mark Denton

THE uncle of two killers who was accused of intimidating witnesses has been found not guilty by a jury.

Harry Brogden, 40, has been standing trial for intimidating witnesses following the shocking murder of Hartlepool boxer Mark Denton.

Mr Brogden, the uncle of Mark’s killers David Sowerby and Anthony Middleton, has been defending himself against intimidation claims at Teesside Crown Court.

The jury has now returned a unanimous not guilty verdict.

Mr Brogden had denied claims he made a comment to murder witnesses Kathy Nicholson about statements she and her boyfriend Jamie Gascoigne had given to police when Brogden visited their home on Tuesday, January 28.

Brogden admitted he was “fuming” but said it was because of numerous unsuccessful efforts to get a logbook for a motorbike his nephew Middleton had bought of Mr Gascoigne.

Giving evidence, Brogden said: “I might have said I would give him (Mr Gascoigne) a clip just to hurry him up.”

Martin Scarborough, defending, asked: “Did you say anything along the lines of ‘some mates you are putting statements in’?”

Brogden said: “No, I never mentioned that. I’ve got no reason to intimidate.

“It’s all been blown out of proportion.”

He also denied claims that he stared at another woman, who cannot be named, whose husband had given a statement about the murder to police.

Brogden, of Howard Street, Hartlepool, is accused of stopping outside her home and staring at her through her front window.

But he said: “I’ve got no reason. I’m not like that.

“I’ve done six months on remand for nothing.”