Victim Angela Wrightson ‘forced into buying drink and cigarettes for school children,’ court told

Angela Wrightson
Angela Wrightson

Victim Angela Wrightson looked older than her 39 years, the court heard.

She was an alcoholic, skinny and known by local schoolchildren to buy them drink and cigarettes from a local shop, the court heard.

Nicholas Campbell QC, prosecuting, said: “She was well-liked when sober, she was a good neighbour giving chocolates to the young children and feeding the local dogs of whom she was particularly fond.”

She liked to entertain and plan menus and kept her home clean most of the time, he said.

“But when in drink she could be difficult and you will be hearing she was known to the police and the other emergency services.

“One of her habits was to call them up and when they arrived in Stephen Street, she could be found lying in the middle of the road.”

She had gained a reputation for buying alcohol on behalf of youngsters that summer, and came to complain she was being forced into it by the “schoolies”. They called her Alco Ang, the jury heard.

Mr Campbell said: “She accepted she stood to gain from the arrangement by way of cigarettes and alcohol for herself.”