Warning to stay away from arson-hit Tunstall Court

Tunstall Court
Tunstall Court

POLICE and fire chiefs have warned people to stay away from an arson-hit historic mansion after another fire.

Arsonists broke into Tunstall Court, in the Ward Jackson Park area of Hartlepool, and set fire to a pile of rubbish on the ground floor of the building.

Inspector Mick Brown, of Hartlepool Police, said: “The simple message is for people to stay away from the building.

“Anybody who is thinking about going to the site, think again.

“This has been a historic issue for us and the building is subject to regular police patrols.”

Andy Robinson, watch manager at Stranton Fire Station, said: “Tunstall Court is a dangerous building and I would urge people to stay away.”

Tunstall Court, which has been a regular target for arsonists in recent years, is owned by Ruttle North East.

The firm has planning permission to transform the 5.4 acre site into housing. Work on the building – which was put on the market with a whopping £4m price tag last year – is yet to start and Ruttle’s have refused to rule out demolishing the site, although they say that is not on their radar at the moment.

Fire crews were called to Tunstall Court at 6.30pm on Friday and spent 20 minutes at the scene.

There was no further damage caused to the building itself.