WATCH: Victim of sexual sadist says she was ‘ruined as a person’

AFTER suffering years of horrific abuse, but Sam Miller’s ordeal has made her determined to help others who are being sexually, emotionally and physically abused.

Having suffered at the hands of Sean Johnstone, Sam says she is not the person she used to be.

Samantha Miller, a victim of convicted rapist  Sean Johnstone

Samantha Miller, a victim of convicted rapist Sean Johnstone

And she wants to use her experiences to show others that there is a way out – before it is too late.

Determined to stand up for the rights of the abused, she wants to tell her story despite the trauma of revisiting her past, and she wants to tell it to anyone who will listen. She even plans to pen an autobiography and wants to go on TV chat shows.

“It’s made me realise that there are many people out there who will need help,” she said. “I want to help all of them and I want it to stop. This is me now saying ‘no more’ because I can’t bear to be hurt anymore or for others to be hurt.

“My experiences with Sean were beyond levels that I could ever imagine. He raped me, he beat me. He forced my child into clothes that were too small, saying that he was going to ring social services and he made her go without food.

“He used to smash the house up, he painted over the windows, he nailed the windows shut.

“He smashed up the phone so that I had no way of contacting anyone. He had weapons all over the house.”

Speaking out just after Christmas has been hard as it brings back memories of fleeing Johnstone during the festive season. But she knows how important it is, especially after the holidays.

Sam says there can never be an excuse for such violence.

“Abuse can be fuelled by alcohol,” she added. “That is no excuse, so please remember that and that you are not alone there are many out there in a similar situation.

“Sean ruined my life but I have come so far and I am a survivor, but he has damaged me, and he has damaged me bad.

“I’m not who I was any more, I’m what he has made me into. I’m so messed up because I wasn’t believed at first, so I want to show people that there is a way out before that happens to them.

“In a way, what he put me through has made me strong and made me realise that there is more to life than what I suffered with him.”

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