‘Watch what I’m doing to your dad’ – Hartlepool brothers smashed into home and beat up man in front of his child

Teesside Combined Court. Copyright Google Images.
Teesside Combined Court. Copyright Google Images.

Two brothers kicked in a couple’s front door before launching a savage five-minute attack on a man as he slept.

Neil Buck was attacked in front of one of his children by Lee Carroll, 32, and his brother Mark, 29, Teesside Crown Court was told.

Mr Buck, who was left with a broken nose, was the new partner of Lee Carroll’s ex-girlfriend Kirsty Veart, with whom he had five children during a nine-year relationship.

The relationship ended in the spring of last year and in October she got together with Mr Buck.

The brothers were both sent to prison for 27 months for the attack in Hartlepool at 5.30am on New Year’s Day.

The judge in the case said they would have been jailed for seven to eight years if prosecutors had not accepted guilty pleas for GBH.

Prosecutor Paul Newcombe told Teesside Crown Court the couple went out for drinks on the stroke of midnight and they returned for a party at their house before falling asleep on the sofa downstairs.

At 5.30am the brothers kicked in the front door and they both attacked Mr Buck, kicking him in the face and punching him in the ribs and the face.

Ms Veart was screaming at them to stop, but the attack went on for five minutes.

At one point Mark Carroll said to one of Mr Buck’s children, who witnessed the attack: “Watch what I am doing to your father.”

Eventually they left, leaving him in a bloodied and bruised state with a broken nose and black eye.

Mr Buck refused to give a Victim’s Impact statement, saying that he did not want to cause trouble between her and the brothers, who were both remanded in custody after their arrests.

Jim Withyman, defending, said Mark Carroll accepted he was foolish to support his brother in the attack,

He fully regretted it and he apologised for his actions.

Rod Hunt, defending Lee Carroll, said the children had been living with Ms Veart, but they were now in the care of his parents.

Mr Hunt added: “Things were going on which caused him to lose his temper. It does not excuse it but it does explain why he acted as a he did.”

Judge Michael Taylor told the brothers: “I have seen photographs, which are graphic, both of the victim and the state of the house after you left.

“You are very fortunate that the Crown accepted your pleas rather than pursued grievous bodily harm with intent, because for both of you it would have been seven to eight years imprisonment.”

The brothers, of Kesteven Road, Hartlepool, were both jailed for 27 months after they pleaded guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm.