What you need to do before going on holiday: Hartlepool crime prevention team advice to protect your home

Crime prevention chiefs have issued advice to prevent Hartlepool householders falling victim to crooks while on their holidays.

Thursday, 13th June 2019, 5:00 am
Updated Thursday, 13th June 2019, 7:00 am
Hartlepool crime prevention officials have issued advice to protect against summer burglars.

With summer not far away and people planning breaks away, Hartlepool Community Safety Advice Team is urging residents to take steps to help keep their homes safe from thieves and burglars.

Victim Services Officer Jane Munden said: “With a bit of forward planning and by taking some fairly simple and straightforward precautions householders can reduce the risk of becoming victims of crime.”

It comes after it was revealed that thieves have been using hooks to reach inside people’s homes in different areas of Hartlepool to try to steal keys.

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Jane’s advice is to:

Never advertise on social media that you are away on holiday;

Tell a trusted neighbour, friend or family member that you are going away and ask them to collect mail, open/close curtains and bring in bins. Also ask them to park their car on your driveway;

Set light timers and even consider using simulated TVs to come on in the evening;

Make sure all doors, windows and gates are locked and secure. Remember to remove keys and keep them in a safe place;

Remember to set your intruder alarm.

If you don’t have an alarm consider getting one from an approved company. See www.nsi.org.uk;

Cancel any deliveries you get and consider using the Keepsafe service operated by Royal Mail;

Make sure your property is covered by both buildings and contents insurance.

Register your valuables online at www.immobilise.com and remember to hide valuables such as jewellery and important documents in your home, using, for example, a safe;

Don’t forget to check your garden before leaving and put away any gardening equipment, other tools and ladders which could be used by someone to break into your home;

Consider joining your local Neighbourhood Watch scheme or start your own if there isn’t already one in existence.

Visit www.ourwatch.org.uk and enter your postcode to see if there is a scheme in your area.