Woman stole meat and wine from Tesco as ‘cry for help’

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A WOMAN told a court that she stole goods from a supermarket as a cry for help.

Claire Coxon went into Tesco, in Burn Road, Hartlepool, and was spotted picking up items and placing them into a carrier bag.

Prosecuting, Alan Davison, told Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court that the 34-year-old then tried to leave without paying.

He said: “She was arrested and in interview said that she did it because she needed help.”

Coxon, of Cornwall Street, in the Oxford Road area of Hartlepool, pleaded guilty to theft of meat joints, butter, and wine, worth £56.24 on August 27.

She represented herself in court and said: “I’d been off my medication for a week and they weren’t listening to me. I was drinking and I needed help. Now they’ve given me some more tablets.”

She was sentenced to a six-month conditional discharge.