‘Wonder no one was killed’ when car flipped at 80mph


A PROSECUTOR told a court it was “a wonder no one was actually killed” after a driver took a bend at around 80mph before his car flipped over.

Witnesses who went to help at the scene of the crash involving a Renault Megane driven by Glen Dawson, 26, said they “thought they would be dealing with a fatal road traffic collision”, prosecutor Vicky Wilson told Peterlee Magistrates’ Court.

She said the smash happened in a built-up area, when Dawson’s car came to a 90-degree bend and seemed to be travelling at around 70mph in a 30mph zone.

She said the car struck a kerb and then a lamp-post several times before coming to a rest on its roof.

“Witnesses said it was quite amazing that anybody got out of the car,” said Ms Wilson.

Dawson, of Hilton Road, Billingham, and a female passenger “crawled” from the car and witnesses said both smelled of alcohol.

Dawson tried to calm down his injured passenger and pleaded with witnesses not to call the police as he didn’t have a licence. He later reported the car stolen but admitted he had lied and said he was doing 70-80mph before losing control of the car, in Brandon, County Durham.

Jaxon Taylor, mitigating, accepted magistrates would consider custody as Dawson was in breach of a suspended sentence for supplying drugs.

Dawson admitted driving dangerously, without a licence or insurance and failing to stop on September 23. The case was committed to Durham Crown Court on February 22.