Worker’s room ransacked in £3,000 raid

A PROLIFIC criminal who ransacked a hotel worker’s living quarters and stole thousands of pounds worth of property has been locked up for three years.

Anthony Fellows turned a restaurant supervisor’s living area in the Grand Hotel, Hartlepool, upside down and made off with items worth more than £3,000.

The haul included a music mixing unit, speakers, iPod, £1,000 laptop computer and £50 in tips.

Fellows also snatched some expensive headphones, electric razors and a pair of the victim’s girlfriend’s knickers.

He was helped by Stephen Vaughan, 24, who Teesside Crown Court heard had been recruited by Fellows earlier that night.

Adrian Strong, prosecuting, said: “The defendants must have got into the staff area of the hotel either through a fire escape or from a public area and through a door marked staff only.

“There was an untidy search of the accommodation. A number of items stolen was principally electrical equipment.

“Significantly, the intruders had been through his dirty washing bag and taken a pair of knickers belonging to his girlfriend.

“Other staff members noticed his room had been left open and been ransacked, so they alerted a night porter and police.”

It emerged a porter had seen Fellows in the hotel earlier that night and asked him to leave.

He was found the next day at a house with a bag of things belonging to the victim.

Vaughan tried to sell the laptop and iPod he had been given for his part in the burglary at a pawnbrokers, but suspicious staff refused to buy them.

The music equipment has never been recovered.

Both men told police they had been drunk at the time and Fellows was also on tranquilisers.

Jim Withyman, mitigating, for Fellows, 30, of Sheriff Street, Hartlepool, said his previous crimes had all been down to his alcohol problems.

Mr Withyman said: “He instructs me he is sick and tired of his pointless existence and wishes to take some courses so when he is released he does not go back to this revolving door existence.”

Richard Herrmann, mitigating for Vaughan, of Braemar Road, Hartlepool, said he had never done anything like it before and realised how close he came to prison.

He was given 12 months suspended for two years with supervision, a six month curfew between 9pm and 7am and 300 hours unpaid work.

Judge Peter Fox told Fellows: “You have an atrocious record. I’m satisfied that you were the one who turned this place over deplorably and you, Vaughan, were the stupid lookout.”