Yobs vandalise road with paint after Hartlepool resident warned council over risk

A DISGRUNTLED resident is furious after yobs spread two tins of dumped paint across a road – despite him previously informing council chiefs of the abandoned tins.

David Hanson spotted two five-litre tins of paint left in Thirsk Grove, in the Jutland Road area of Hartlepool, and immediately contacted bosses at Hartlepool Borough Council to have them removed.

Dave Hanson with paint at he start of Thirsk Grove. Picture by Frank Reid

Dave Hanson with paint at he start of Thirsk Grove. Picture by Frank Reid

The 64-year-old former plumber was worried in case youngsters got their hands on them.

But almost two days later, David wasn’t surprised to see the road splattered with paint after the tins were left uncollected.

Drivers had no option but to drive through the wet paint, resulting in it spreading further around the neighbourhood.

The council have since sent out a team to clean up the mess, but David says the incident could have been avoided if the local authority had acted sooner.

He said: “It looked an absolute state. It was all over the road and spread all over the place with cars going through it.

“It dried as well, and was a right mess.

“This wouldn’t have been allowed to happen up West Park or the likes. The council would have been out to sort it straight away.

“Just because it’s in this area, they don’t bother.

“This could have been avoided if the council had listened to me when I rang up at 10am on Thursday morning.

“They had two days to come out before the kids got hold of it on Friday night.”

He added: “Why should we have had to suffer this?”

A spokesman for the council said: “We did receive a report of two tins of paint in Thirsk Grove on Thursday, April 24, and under normal circumstances they would have been removed sooner.

“We have visited Thirsk Grove to clean the paint up and apologise to residents for any inconvenience.”