‘You couldn’t have taken anything else’ – burglar ransacked flat and left Hartlepool man with nothing

Christopher Hull, jailed for three and a half years for burglary
Christopher Hull, jailed for three and a half years for burglary

A PROLIFIC criminal burgled a man’s flat and stole almost everything he owned just three days after he was given a suspended prison sentence for a previous offence.

Christopher Hull, 31, was given a suspended jail term in February after he took part in a vicious pool cue attack on a woman and stole the victim’s mobile phone and cash.

But just three days later he and two accomplices, including his brother Graham Hull, 33, burgled a man’s flat in Titan House, Hartlepool.

The victim had left all his possessions, valued at over £2,000, and his passport, which were in a suitcase and a holdall.

But Christopher and Graham Hull, helped by Dawn Marsden, 34, stole them and quickly sold them in a nearby cash-for-clothes shop for a few pounds.

Teesside Crown Court heard Christopher Hull had a bad criminal record and this was his third house burglary, meaning he faced at least three years prison.

The judge, Recorder David Dixon said: “Only three days before this offence you were at this court for offences of theft and assault.

“Three days later you thought ‘I don’t care’.”

Prosecutor Jim Withyman told the court the three defendants entered the flat after the victim had gone out.

He said: “The flat was covered by CCTV and the defendants were seen to enter the flat and leave with the two bags by a fire escape.

“Six days later the victim went to Cash For Clothes which confirmed his clothes had been weighed in and sold for the weight of the cloth.”

Luckily, he was able to get most of his clothes back but not his passport.

All three defendants admitted burglary.

Christopher Hull, of Dent Street, Hartlepool, who has 40 criminal convictions, had been spared 15 months jail with an 18-month suspended sentence on February 10.

That was after he admitted actual bodily harm and theft following the pool cue attack on Paula Harman at a house in Rodney Street.

Nigel Soppitt, mitigating, said: “He has had a chaotic lifestyle. Thankfully the items were recovered.”

Hull was jailed for three and a half years, which included 10 months of the previously suspended sentence.

Graham Hull, of Stockton Road, and Dawn Marsden, of Rugby Street, both Hartlepool, received suspended sentences.

It was Graham Hull’s first conviction for burglary and he was given 12 months suspended for 18 months.

The court heard Marsden believed the others had permission to enter the flat and the offence was out of character for her.

She was given seven months prison suspended for 12 months.

Recorder Dixon told them: “You couldn’t have taken anything else from him except perhaps the clothes he was standing up in.

“You operated as a group.”