Cub pack and volunteer group help get Hartlepool park ready for summer

A Hartlepool park looks even more attractive to visitors thanks to two events by volunteers.

Saturday, 2nd June 2018, 9:00 am
Updated Saturday, 2nd June 2018, 12:42 pm
Around 150 geraniums were planted.

The cubs performed a good deed when they helped a the Friends of Rossmere community group plant more than 100 plants.

Three youngsters from 18th Hartlepool cub pack led by Margaret Elliott gave root to approximately 150 geranium plants in a flower bed in the park.

Youngsters from the 18th Hartlepool cub pack.

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Stephen Taylor, chair of the friends group, said: “They worked really hard and they enjoyed themselves.

“They were assisted by Allen Elliot, George Springer, Karen King and Gordon McWilliam.”

The same day, a number of enthusiastic volunteers supported a pond clean after a recent large build up of weed on the water.

Blanket weed has been affecting pond wildlife including fish by using up vital oxygen in the water.

Cubs doing a good deed in Rossmere Park.

Council officials have pledged to put barley straw in the water to help the situation.

Stephen added: “In past years bales of barley straw have been added to help prevent this but none have been added so far this year.

“People took turns with waders, rakes, grapples and magnets.

“While the pond clean was being carried out Graeme Blakey and Iladar Taylor gave out public education leaflets on the harm caused to the wildfowl and pond, and free paper bags of wild fowl food.

A cub hard at work.

“This particular time compared to past cleans we found little scrap metal in the pond and mainly dragged out blanket weed.”

During the event on Bank Holiday Monday, volunteers noticed a swan had a length of fishing line stuck in its mouth and called the RSPCA which came out.

It was the fourth pond clean carried out by the Friends of Rossmere.

Stephen added: “The park is looking far better for bit of TLC. Iladar spotted loads of wildlife including long tailed tits, robins and house martins skimming above the water.”

Today the group is holding a fun water fight in the park from 10am-4pm.

All children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.