Cuff links challenge is walk in park for Mark

Mark Lloyd and (below) the silly walks-themed cuff links
Mark Lloyd and (below) the silly walks-themed cuff links

A JEWELLER has showcased his strangest commission to date after creating a pair of cuff links depicting Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks.

Mobeus Jewellers, in Hartlepool, has crafted a reputation for designing and making unique wedding and engagement rings or intricate items of jewellery.

The silly walks-themed cuff links

The silly walks-themed cuff links

But when an eccentric American got in touch asking for something flamboyant, owner Mark Lloyd knew he had a challenge on his hands.

Mark explained: “We were put in touch with this guy called Carl in New York through one of our suppliers in the United States of America.

“He writes a fashion and style blog and wanted a piece of jewellery that was truly unique that nobody else in the world would have.

“We struck up a bit of an online friendship and realised we were both big Monty Python fans and before long we decided to make some cuff links, depicting the Ministry of Silly Walks sketch.

“It’s taken a while to put together and it has been a challenge, particularly because the cuff links have movable parts.

But Carl is absolutely delighted with the result.”

The cuff links depict three “silly walks” from the Monty Python sketch made famous by John Cleese.

They are clasped at the back by a tiny “16-ton” weight, which also features in several Monty Python sketches.

Mark and his team at Mobeus, in Park Road, have often been commissioned to produce unique items of jewellery for customers, particularly as they have the skills and equipment to create works with moveable parts.

One of Mark’s most iconic artworks is a mechanical silver lily, displayed in the Bowes Museum, in Barnard Castle, close to the world famous Silver Swan.

Mark added: “The Monty Python cuff links have been a real challenge, particularly in getting the rivets and the moving parts right.

“It’s been a learning process for me but something I have thoroughly enjoyed.

“It’s great to know that we have made something that there is only one of in the whole world.”

To see a video showing how the cuff links were make click this link