Cuts a councillor was very happy to see

Councillor Ann Marshall with some trousers she won't be needing anymore
Councillor Ann Marshall with some trousers she won't be needing anymore

WHILE local authorities up and down the country are slashing their budgets, one determined Hartlepool councillor is making her own cuts – 42lbs to be precise.

Labour councillor Ann Marshall has shed three stone since taking part in a 12-week community weight loss challenge in March this year.

Coun Ann Marshall has lost 40lb

Coun Ann Marshall has lost 40lb

Five months ago, she weighed more than 16 stone but has since lost 42lbs and now tips the scales at 13st 3lbs.

She dropped from a size 22 to a size 18 and lost six ins off her waist.

The 52-year-old was so impressed with the Arriba Wellness class that she has since qualified as a coach and is running her own class.

Coun Marshall, who represents the Rossmere ward, said: “I feel so much more energetic.

“I have had so many lovely comments from councillors, friends and family.”

She had shed 20lbs within nine weeks of starting the course, which covers topics such as nutrition, reading labels, metabolism, hydration and exercise.

That inspired her to help others under the guidance of health coach Jackie Liddle.

Coun Marshall, of Queensland Road, didn’t used to eat takeaways or gorge on sweets or chocolates before taking part in the challenge, but had still struggled with her weight.

After experimenting with a range of diets she decided to give the 12-week Arriba challenge a go and the weight started falling off.

Coun Marshall, who is also exercising more, said: “I have not cut anything out, it is about quality and not quantity.

“I eat five times a day, breakfast, a snack, then lunch, an afternoon snack and then an evening meal.

“Because you are not cutting anything out, then nothing is not allowed.

“It is not a diet, it is a wellness plan.

“If you are eating little and often then your body does not need to go looking for anything else.”

Coun Marshall, who didn’t used to eat enough calories, added: “I used to eat a punnet of grapes on a night thinking I was being good.

“But they are full of natural sugars which I wasn’t burning off.

“Now I only eat fruit during the day as a snack. It is about eating the right things at the right time.”

Coun Marshall, who is now a self-employed wellness coach, is married to John Marshall, 53, a Labour councillor for the St Hilda ward.

The pair have one daughter, Donna Leonard, 25.

Her classes are held every Friday, between 9.30am-11am, at the Manor Residents’ Association, in Kilmarnock Road, Hartlepool.

It costs £39 for the 12-week course.

Clients receive a free wellness evaluation along with information, advice and guidance about their own personal plan.

There are cash prizes of between £100 and £300, depending on class size, for the person that loses the highest percentage of body fat.

Coun Marshall, who also does one-to-one coaching sessions, added: “I have lost so much weight that I now want to help others.”

For more information call Coun Marshall on 07773 324855 or for more information about Arriba Wellness Classes in Hartlepool visit