Dad, 25, ‘assisted’ drug gang

Daniel Weegram
Daniel Weegram

A DAD allegedly embroiled in one of the town’s biggest-ever drugs rings was a “willing assistant” to the men at its helm, a court heard.

Daniel Weegram is standing trial at Teesside Crown Court accused of conspiracy to supply class A drug cocaine and class B drugs amphetamine and cannabis between March 7 and September 7 last year.

The 25-year-old former flooring contractor denies all three charges relating to the underworld operation which saw two adjoining semi-detached houses in Hutton Avenue, Hartlepool – which appeared inconspicuous “to the outside world” – converted into a drugs factory worth over £280,000.

But the Crown Prosecution Service says Weegram was one of the six men involved in the narcotics network with mobile phone records revealing thousands of texts and phone calls between him and the ringleaders.

The jury of six women and six men heard how the defendant was also spotted in the passenger seat of a white Audi belonging to one of the drugs bosses, and took part in meetings at the plush Malmaison hotel on Newcastle’s Quayside with the five other gang members.

Mobile phone mast technology also pinpointed him in Liverpool and Oldham, in Manchester, at the same time as some of his alleged colleagues who are collectively serving a massive 26 years behind bars after pleading guilty to their involvement.

These were former HODA taxi firm boss Craig Wilson, 37, of Relton Way, Adam Wilson, 25, of Lynmouth Walk, Lee McDonough, 33, of Gibson Grove, David Hall, 44, of Hutton Avenue, all Hartlepool, and David Murphy, 22, of Stanhope Drive, Liverpool.

Prosecuting, Harry Hadfield, said: “Craig Wilson and Adam Wilson were at the helm, overseeing the venture. They had a willing assistant in Daniel Weegram.”

He added: “Police worked on the mobile numbers of the five men already arrested and with whom they had been contacting and the places where they had been.

“From this analysis they were to unearth that the five men already arrested had agreed to conspire with Daniel Weegram.

“The mobile phone analysis, we say, established frequent and ongoing contact between all six men. We say this activity was to sell drugs.”

The court heard that a “critical piece in the jigsaw” was on September 6 last year, when police arrested Murphy after uncovering the Hutton Avenue haul of cannabis plants, resin bars, amphetamine and cocaine.

He said there was a “flurry” of mobile phone activity between the gang members, including Weegram - who became a dad to a baby girl on the night he was put into police custody after being arrested for the offences.

“Phone evidence immediately before and after David Murphy is arrested is significant,” said Mr Hadfield.

“It’s a critical piece of the jigsaw and will help you decide whether Daniel Weegram is involved in this case.”

The jury was also told that when Weegram was arrested and his home in Templeton Close in the Clavering area of Hartlepool was searched, officers found a stash of legal papers, statements and evidence served by the CPS against Adam Wilson in this case.

“Before he was arrested he knew all about the evidence in this case in case one day he may have his time in this courtroom,” said Mr Hadfield.

The search on Weegram’s home also uncovered a loaded crossbow, a stabproof vest and £1,000 cash.

The case continues.