Dad hails ‘hero’ daughter

A PROUD dad has hailed his seven-year-old daughter a “little hero” after coming to his rescue twice in a matter of months.

Hartlepool youngster Tazmin Scott helped save her dad Alan’s life by talking to paramedics on the phone when he suffered a severe allergic reaction to deep heat spray.

The 32-year-old’s torso, chest and throat swelled up but he was unable to speak to paramedics after dialling 999 and collapsing in the bathroom.

Young Tazmin picked up the phone, told them what had happened to her dad and directed them to the home in Stanhope Avenue at around 8pm back in September last year.

Paramedics told Alan - who needed hospital treatment for the reaction - that without the youngster’s help he could have been in serious danger.

Alan said: “Tazmin is my little hero.

“I owe my life to her and if she had not been there I don’t think I would be here today.”

The youngster also rang Alan’s mum Joan Waller to tell her what had happened and she had also raced to the house.

Unemployed Alan, who has another child Kaine Scott, 12, said: “I couldn’t speak or breathe and there was only the two of us in the house.

“I rang 999 but because I couldn’t speak, Tazmin took the phone and explained the address and what had happened.

“I could have died and the paramedics have said I was really lucky she was there.”

Tazmin, who was just about to go to sleep, added: “I looked at his face and it was going grey.

“I was just happy I was there.”

Alan was told by doctors his blood sugar levels had rocketed due to the shock and as a result he now has Type 2 diabetes and needs blood controlling tablets every day.

Seven-year-old Tazmin, who attends Eldon Grove Primary School, again came to the rescue last week when she spotted a tissue, wedged into the imitation gas fire, was on fire.

The brave youngster pulled the tissue out and threw it in the bin, which then caught fire and the fire brigade had to be called.

Alan said Tazmin’s quick-thinking prevented a bigger incident if the tissue had not been removed from the fire.

The latest incident happened at 7.30am last Wednesday morning at Alan’s parents home in Carlton Street, where the pair are now 

Tazmin ran round the house alerting everyone inside - including Alan, mum Joan, dad John Batey, 52, and his brother Gavin Scott, 25 -to get out due to the smoke.

Alan put a wet towel over the bin before the firefighters from Stranton Fire Station arrived at the scene.