Danger driver tasered and attacked by police dogs after 90mph chase

Liam Webb
Liam Webb

A rogue driver led police on a 90mph chase through residential areas before clipping a kerb and spinning out of control.

Sparks flew from Liam Webb’s car as police chased him for several miles around Hartlepool.

Teesside Crown Court heard the chase ended when Webb’s car hit a kerb and spun out of control, before running off and being Tasered and bitten by a police dog.

The judge heard Webb also attacked a security guard as he attempted to escape from custody at Durham Crown Court.

“A police patrol saw him driving near Brierton Lane,” said Ms Atkinson. “In the ensuing chase he drove at 90mph in the 30mph limit.

“His Mitsubishi car clipped a kerb near the junction with the A689 and spun.

“Webb carried on back towards Brierton Lane, despite sparks flying from the front of his car, and debris from it scattering on the road.

“The car came to rest off Owton Manor Lane, and he decamped.

“Police arrested him using both their Taser stun device and a police dog.”

The court heard he also tried to escape from Durham Crown Court after a judge told him he would be going to prison.

Webb, from Hartlepool, was appearing in court two at Durham which is not secure, Teesside Crown Court heard.

“There is a bench for defendants rather than a dock in that court,” said Emma Atkinson, prosecuting. “Defendants sent to custody are handcuffed to a security guard and led through an anteroom to the cells.

“As the lady security guard attempted to handcuff Webb he fled towards the anteroom, dragging her with him.

“There was a solicitor in the anteroom, at which point Webb calmed down and apologised to the security guard.

“She suffered grazes to her leg.”

Webb, 24, of Holt Street, Hartlepool, admitted attempting to escape from lawful custody and common assault, both on December 22 last year.

He also admitted dangerous driving and driving while disqualified on February 15, and theft by shoplifting on April 3 and April 7 all this year.

The court was told Webb stole drink from two shops in Hartlepool.

“His method was the same on both occasions,” said Ms Atkinson. “He approached the counter with the items in a carrier bag, asked for cigarettes, and then fled from the shop when the assistant’s back was turned.”

The court was told Webb has a ‘lengthy record’ dating back to 2008.

Stephen Constantine, defending, said in mitigation: “He is a big man and could have got away from Durham Crown Court had he wanted to.

“He was under the misapprehension he would receive a suspended sentence, but calmed down soon thereafter.

“There is little that can be said about his driving, although he wishes the court to know he suffered an injury from the police dog, as well as having the Taser used on him.

“He is capable of work, and tells me he wants to get a job and settle down after this sentence.”

Judge Sean Morris jailed Webb for 20 months.

The judge told him: “There was a time when all court rooms had a police officer on whom a judge could call in these circumstances.

“The lady security guard probably did more than she was tasked to do to stop you, but I accept you could have fled the building had you made a determined attempt to do it.

“You were royally bitten by the police dog after the dangerous driving, but I have no sympathy with you for that.”

Webb was banned from driving for three years, and he must take an extended test if he wishes to drive after the ban expires.