Dangerous dog savaged pet and bit woman

Dangerous dog owner Ronald Procter leaving Hartlepool Magistrates' Court
Dangerous dog owner Ronald Procter leaving Hartlepool Magistrates' Court
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A HORRIFIED dog owner was bitten by an out of control bull terrier that had savaged her cherished pet.

Ronald Procter’s Staffordshire bull terrier escaped from his house and attacked a dog being walked by its owner in the street.

The woman’s dog was badly injured in the attack and when its horrified owner tried to pull Procter’s dog off it sank its teeth into her hand.

Procter, 44, pleaded guilty to being the owner of a dog dangerously out of control in public causing injury when he was brought before Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court.

He could now face his dog being put down for attacking the woman, who the Mail has decided not to name, and her pet.

Prosecuting, Paul Power said: “A woman was walking her dog along Eton Street when it was attacked by the defendant’s Staffordshire bull terrier.

“In the course of that attack the dog was badly injured to the neck and the owner was injured and bitten on the hand.”

The attack took place on the afternoon of July 24 last year.

Mr Power said there had been reports of other concerns from people about the dog’s behaviour.

The bull terrier has been seized by police and its fate is awaiting the outcome of Procter’s next court appearance when he will be sentenced.

Stuart Haywood, mitigating, said the dog had escaped from home without Procter knowing.

Mr Haywood said: “As soon as he realised the dog had left and escaped he went outside and found the dog and took him immediately back to the house.

“But nevertheless, the dog was dangerously out of control because he didn’t have it under control.

“It is well looked after.”

Magistrates adjourned sentence and asked for a report on Procter, of Eton Street, Hartlepool, from the probation service.

He must return to court to be sentenced on Friday, April 12.

Chairman of the magistrates’ bench Janet Henderson said: “Under the circumstances we are going to ask for a pre-sentence report so we have more information available to the court.”

Procter was granted bail in the meantime.