Darwin ‘is ditched’ in Ukraine

John Darwin
John Darwin

CANOE conman John Darwin has reportedly been given the brush-off by a Ukrainian woman he met on an online dating website after she discovered his murky past.

As reported earlier this week, Darwin (above) is facing another spell behind bars for jetting off to the Ukraine without permsission from the probabtion service to meet Anna Avramenko after wooing her with a succession of emails.

Under the terms of his release from prison in 2011, Darwin - who served three years of a six year three month sentence for fraud - was told he could not leave the UK without permission from the authorities until 2014,

Because of the alleged breach, the 63-year-old is now likely to be arrested as soon as he returns to Britain and could be ordered to serve the remainder of his sentence.

Speaking in a national newspaper, 25-year-old Anna explained she had no idea who Darwin was and only agreed to meet him after he bombarded her with messages over the last three months.

She said: “He was writing every day. Then on Saturday he wrote to me saying he was in Sumy (in the Ukraine) and wanted to meet up.

“He kept trying to get me alone and asked me to go to his room and drink champagne.

“I refused and we went for dinner with two of my friends instead.”

The pair were photographed coming out of the restaurant, and Anna said it was at that point she realised something was wrong.

She went on: “We got in the cab and you could see he was frightened. He kept saying ‘you don’t know what problems I’ll have now.”

Darwin is understood to have checked out of his hotel the next day, and is thought to still be in the Ukraine.