Dashcam catches terrifying moment driver almost hits teen who walks out onto road

A driver's dash cam has caught the terrifying a moment a motorist was millimetres from hitting a teenager who walked straight out infront of her car.

Sunday, 1st April 2018, 4:05 pm
Updated Sunday, 1st April 2018, 4:11 pm

Tasha Holland had just left her Murton home and was travelling along Church Street, on Saturday afternoon when tragedy almost struck.It was only down to the quick reaction of the 21-year-old that the girl who appears to be playing the dangerous game of ‘chicken’ wasn’t hurt.Tasha who was on her way to the A19, travelling at 29 mph, said due to the wet weather the car took longer to stop forcing her to swerve to avoid hitting the teenager.“It has left me totally shaken. I keep replaying it in my head thinking if anything had gone differently.“I could have injured that girl or her friend if I’d have swerved any further to the left.”Tasha said she was driving down the road when she noticed the car in front of her had already had to brake for one girl. Believing her two friends would stay where they were, she continued to drive down the road. But as she got closer, one of the girls stepped out in front of her Citroen C3, forcing Tasha to brake suddenly. The girl was millimetres away from the bonnet of the car.The close-call left Tasha so shaken she had to drive into a nearby street to calm down. “If I had been a second later in braking and didn’t swerve I would have hit her, she must have been millimetres away from my bonnet.“I had to take some time to get myself thinking straight again, I cried from the shock that I almost knocked someone down.”“Messing about on roads is not funny, it not only affects the person crossing the road but the driver and other people around also. “It’s really not worth putting yourself and other people at risk, be sensible, look before crossing and make sure you have enough time to do so safely.”

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