Dates with destiny for brave Talia

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A HARTLEPOOL youngster is facing two of the biggest dates in her life as she continues her battle against illness.

Two-year-old Talia Foster is unable to sit or walk unaided and has severe learning problems.

But hope is on the horizon for Talia who has coped with more than most people – including having more than 1,000 seizures, asthma, cysts on her brain, and epilepsy.

On Thursday this week, she will be assessed for treatment at the Step Together Centre, in Darlington, which helps children with motor-related disorders.

Then, on Tuesday, June 7, Talia and her family will travel to the Footsteps rehabilitation centre, in Oxford, which provides programmes for children and young adults with neuro-motor disorders.

Mum Clair, 36, says both are the latest positive pieces of news for Talia who is showing signs of progress herself. Another boost came thanks to Talia herself.

Clair, who lives with husband Brendan, 35, in the Owton Manor area of Hartlepool, explained: “We have got her a feeder cup and she has learned that if she tips it up, it will give her a drink.

“We are over the moon.”

Speaking about the two forthcoming appointments, Clair said: “I am looking forward to them. I am looking forward to taking her to both. The more help I can get for her the better.”

Talia’s health problems also include a reduction in her white brain matter which affects its growth.

She needs to take eight different types of medication to help fight against a number of conditions including epilepsy.

Clair said: “Talia now has a dietician, a respiratory doctor and an ear, nose and throat specialist.”

“The doctors have also put her on a course of antibiotics for the rest of her life because she was regularly picking up pneumonia. She is also on specialist milk because she was not getting enough vitamins and she was losing weight.

“But she is doing well now, fingers crossed, and we have not had any health problems with her for weeks now.”