Daughter: Killer attacked me too

Graham Gibson (left) and Christine Henderson
Graham Gibson (left) and Christine Henderson

THE daughter of a woman who was stabbed to death told a court how her killer previously assaulted both her and her mum.

Nicole Henderson said she was thrown 10ft across a back yard by Graham Gibson when she tried to intervene in a furious argument between him and her mum Christine Henderson.

Six months later Mrs Henderson was stabbed to death by Gibson, 47, who is on trial for her murder at Teesside Crown Court.

He admits killing her, but claims it was manslaughter as he did not mean for her to die.

Giving evidence yesterday, Nicole, 19, told the jury how Gibson once pinned down her mum against a sofa during a row at the house they shared in Kent Avenue, Hartlepool, and also smashed her mobile phone.

She said: “I heard them arguing in the sitting room. I head my mum scream and ran through. She was pinned in the corner of the sofa by her shoulders.

“At some point he snapped her phone in half.”

Nicole said she followed Gibson into the back yard and added: “He said it was nothing to do with me, he was shouting in my face.

“Then he grabbed me and chucked me across the back yard.”

The incident last December was reported to police and Gibson was charged with criminal damage and two counts of common assault.

But the charges were later dropped because Mrs Henderson wanted to give the relationship another chance.

The prosecution says Mrs Henderson and Gibson had a whirlwind romance after meeting through an internet dating site in October 2010.

But they claim he became more controlling and violent over time prompting Mrs Henderson to leave him on June 25 this year.

She went to stay with a friend, Sheila Fawcett, in the Brambles farm area of Middlesbrough.

Mrs Henderson was found stabbed to death at the house in Cherwell Terrace in the early hours of July 2 after agreeing to meet Gibson.

The jury heard he had bombarded her with calls and texts in a bid to win her back.

Caroline Wardell, a former partner of Gibson’s with who she has three sons, also told the court that he assaulted her on several occasions.

She said he twice threw her to the ground and punched her on the nose and to the head.

She said: “He just had these mood swings that I couldn’t understand.”

Gibson of Kent Avenue, Hartlepool, is claiming the defence of loss of control after Mrs Henderson said terrible things to him.

He denies murder and the trial continues.