Day away from the office...

Paul Gough
Paul Gough

A TOWN physiotherapist and his staff and patients climbed to the peak of a 3,000ft mountain in the first of a number of new adventure days.

Paul Gough, who runs Paul Gough Physio Rooms, in Hartlepool’s Raby Road, has launched the new venture as he invites his colleagues and clients to improve their fitness and enjoy the great outdoors.

And that is exactly what happened when Paul, 31, and the dedicated group who joined him battled the freezing winter conditions to make it to the top of Helvellyn, in the Lake District.

“It was pretty wild at times and we even had snow falling on us on the way up,” said Paul, who lives in Bishop Cuthbert, in Hartlepool.

“But it was a fantastic day.

“One of the best things was one of our patients brought along his 13-year-old son who was a bit daunted by the height of the peak at first, but as he slid back down the snow he never stopped smiling for the rest of the day.

“He wants to come on our next trip now.”

The mountain climb was the first of a number of challenges as Paul seeks quirky adventure days which his staff and patients can tackle.

“It’s not everyday that you walk into the office and ask your staff if they would want to take part in things like cliff jumping, mountaineering and even snow holding,” said Paul.

“These days have been going on with my staff for sometime now and have become pretty famous with the patients who told us they would love to do these sorts of things but they just didn’t know where or how to do it.

“So putting these days on for both patients and staff seemed the logical thing to do and the trip to the Lakes confirmed that, it was fantastic.”

Despite the fact those who took part at the weekend will still be recovering, Paul has already got his eyes on future challenges for his staff and clients.

“The next step is to Morocco in early March to the Atlas Mountains to prepare a trip for both patients and staff and then more locally we’ve got a day canoeing lined up on the River Tees from Yarm to Stockton at the end of April,” added Paul.