Deal could cut energy bills

ENERGY customers could save up to £100 a year on their bills under a new agreement with the six big providers.

Energy companies will write to customers every year telling them the best deal for their home.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg says under the deal struck between the Government and the companies will drive down gas and electricity bills.

He said seven out of 10 customers are on the wrong tariff for their needs so are paying too much.

Hartlepool MP Iain Wright previously told the Mail he was backing a campaign to give customers a better deal for their energy.

He is supporting the national Big Switch Campaign which is being led by the consumer group Which and 38 Degrees internet campaign group.

Which offers to find the best deal for customers and handle switching accounts.

Mr Wright said he had received a lot of emails from constituents about the issue.

He also called for major reform in the long term to break the “iron grip” of the six biggest energy companies.