‘Dealers top of dialling history’

Daniel Weegram
Daniel Weegram

THE telephone numbers of two convicted drug dealing bosses were the at the top of a man’s most-contacted in his mobile phone’s history, a court heard.

Daniel Weegram denies being involved in one of Hartlepool’s largest ever drug-dealing gangs, which saw two semi-detached houses in the town’s Hutton Avenue converted into a class A and B narcotics factory worth over £280,000.

He claims to have known the five other men, who are currently serving 26 years behind bars for their involvement in the underworld scheme, but was not working alongside them.

Yesterday, at Teesside Crown Court, where the former flooring contractor is standing trial, prosecution witness Emma Riches, an intelligence analyst for Cleveland Police, gave evidence to the jury. She said that aside from Weegram’s partner Lorna King, the drugs farm’s ring leaders Craig Wilson and Adam Wilson’s mobile numbers were the top two most-contacted on his phone’s memory.

But defence barrister Jonathan Devlin played down contact with the two convicted drug chiefs saying that his client had sent a similar amount of messages, if not more messages, to numerous other people.

Mr Devlin told the court that although there were 19 text messages sent to Adam Wilson’s handset during a period in March last year, there were also 38 messages sent from Weegram’s Blackberry phone to a friend called “Tommo”, who is completely unrelated to the case.

He also said that there would have been text messages between Weegram and Craig Wilson as the pair ran town taxi firm HODA together.

The jury also heard Miss Riches say the 26-year-old’s mobile number had been traced as being in the same areas as some of the other men involved in the criminal scam.

Mr Devlin, again, played down this connection, saying: “Just because his mobile phone was pinpointed as being in an area along with the other people involved doesn’t mean they were all together.”

Weegram, who has been described by prosecutors as a “willing assistant” to the men at the helm of the operation, denies conspiracy to supply class A drug cocaine and class B drugs amphetamine and cannabis between March 7 and September 7 last year.

HODA boss Craig Wilson, 37, of Relton Way, Adam Wilson, 25, of Lynmouth Walk, Lee McDonough, 33, of Gibson Grove, David Hall, 44, of Hutton Avenue, all Hartlepool, and David Murphy, 22, of Stanhope Drive, Liverpool, all pleaded guilty to their involvement in the drugs factory.

The case against Weegram, of Templeton Close, Hartlepool, continues.