THERE was a 'Sound Mirror' or 'Zeppelin Listening Post' located in the Clavering area similar to the enclosed sketch.

Built in or about 1916 and demolished possibly in the early Sixties when the new housing development commenced.

The structure built of concrete, similar to those situated at Sunderland and Redcar, played an important part in the Air Defence of the North-East Region in World War One, including the shooting-down of the Zeppelin over Teesmouth on November 27, 1916.

Can anyone recall the structure or have any photographs of it?Were any members of your family part of the army team on the site?

When exactly was it demolished?

J. W. Perrin

Glendale Ave.


Shooting stars

HOT SHOTS: These youngsters from the army cadets can be seen taking aim whilst carrying out target practice. The photo seems to have been taken just after the Second World War. Do you recognise anyone in the picture?

Getting on the right track

I AM currently researching motor sport activities in and around the Hartlepool area that took place in the pre and post-war era. Many Hartlepool men became well known on the Northern tracks, such as Sam Wilderspin and Ken Kirby. I would appreciate any information, loan of photos, programmes, or even newspaper cuttings of the time which would be returned. Please ring me on 01642 287164 and I will ring you back.

Mr E.J. Crust

9A Gypsy Lane,




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Publish Date: 03/07/2001