Delight as missing diabetic dog is found


A DOG owner is delighted to have been reunited with her diabetic pet that she lost while out walking on a beach.

Rebecca Tighe was strolling with Lucky along Seaton Carew beach when the Staffordshire bull terrier cross wandered off at 8pm on Sunday, January 8.

The much-loved five-year-old dog was diagnosed with diabetes just three months ago and needs a certain type of food and insulin every 12 hours.

Rebecca, a part-time beauty therapist from High Grange, Billingham, was beside herself with worry as she searched high and low for the hound until Lucky reappeared in the Burbank estate yesterday afternoon.

Rebecca said: “She’ll have been very lost and confused. I’m really happy she’s been found.

“She really needs her food and medicine and would have gone downhill fast.

“She’d been seen in the area and it turned out she was in someone’s flat.”

Rebecca, 24, stayed out looking for Lucky until the early hours of Monday and has since been told that her pet was seen not only in the Burbank estate but at Mill House skate park, off Raby Road, and on the Headland.

Rebecca added: “She would never run off and has never done anything like this before.

“I’ve only known about the diabetes for three months and it’s unstable. The vet has been trying to get her on the right insulin but she’s still not right.”