Delight as new cross put in place

The cross in place at St Mary's Church, in Horden.
The cross in place at St Mary's Church, in Horden.
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A CHURCH tower overlooking a village now boasts a brand new cross after generous residents raised £6,000.

A cross has been a regular fixture on the tower of St Mary’s Church, in Horden, since 1913, that was until 12 months ago when the old cross had to be taken down.

Copper cladding was disintegrating and inspectors warned that it was only a matter of time until the cross fell through the roof of the building.

The church quickly had it taken down and with the help of kind-hearted locals immediately started fundraising to have the cross replaced.

The impressive sum was raised in a short period and the fundraisers got their reward yesterday when the new cross was put up on the church tower.

The new cross is made from stainless steel clad in copper and is “gleaming” gold in colour.

“It looks stunning,” said Father Kevin Smith, who has been a vicar at the church for the last eight years.

“The church is a very prominent building, it overlooks the village and we had lots of comments from people in the village about how they missed the cross.

“It did look incredibly bare without it there, especially due to the fact we had all been used to it for so long.”

The new cross was hauled into place using ropes yesterday as Father Smith and residents watched on.

Father Smith, 45, who lives in Horden, added: “Early feedback has been very good.

“I am absolutely delighted to have a cross back in place and with how it looks.

“I must say a big thank you to everyone who raised the money, they should be very proud of themselves.”