Delighted young people enjoy sailing adventure on open seas

Three of the young people from Stonham enjoying life on the ocean waves.
Three of the young people from Stonham enjoying life on the ocean waves.

A BUNCH of young people braved the waters with a fun trip out sailing.

The sailing trip was enjoyed by several young people who are all part of the Stonham organisation and live in their accommodation in Gainford House, in Gainford Street, Hartlepool, and Avondene, in the town’s Church Street.

Each day the wannabe sailors, aged from 16 to 25-years-old, were able to learn a different set of skills, benefiting from the challenge and adventures of life at sea.

They had to learn about the safety aspects of sailing, as well as the practical side, and also how to cope with dreaded seasickness.

Stacey Dobson, acting senior client service manager, said: “As well as the practicalities, the clients learnt how to work as team to ensure that their was always a sailing crew on deck, work as team to clean the upper decks, below deck and living quarters, and they had to cook all meals and developing camaraderie in order to carry out tasks.”

She added: “They all had a great time and it’ll be an experience they will remember for a long time.”

Emil Lavoie, 19, went on the trip and said: “It was a great experience, I really enjoyed it.”

Another of the voyagers, Samantha Wright, aged 17-years-old, added: “Once I got over the seasickness and got my sea legs, it was really fun.”

Louise Jowett, a support worker, told the Mail: “This experience and over coming the challenges that the young people faced on board has really made a difference to their self esteem, confidence and feelings of empowerment.”

The trip was made possible with funding from the Voyage of Discovery Fund and Homegroup, and was also ran in conjunction with the Cirdan Trust, which specialises in enabling groups of young people, particularly those who are socially, physically or mentally disadvantaged, to experience the challenge and adventure of life at sea on large sailing vessels.