Depressed man killed himself

A MAN who was found hanging by a young couple in woodland close to a housing estate suffered from depression.

Gavin Cook, 35, was found dead in woodland near to Glenston Close, on the Naisberry Park estate, Hartlepool, earlier this month.

An inquest into the warehouse manager's death was carried out by Hartlepool Coroner, Malcolm Donnelly, at his office in York Road.

Mr Donnelly said that Mr Cook, who was single and not working at the time, had suffered from depression and was taking medication to help combat it.

He had been living with his mum and dad in Peakston Close but was living in a Middlesbrough hostel at the time of his death. Mr Donnelly said: "Gavin was trying to get his life back on track and his parents would keep in touch on a regular basis.

"On the Sunday before he was found, he had been at his parents for lunch and he said he was going to get the bus home.

"This was unusual as he didn't normally like the journey and his mum said he was in a "strange sort of mood". He left carrying a holdall."

That Sunday was the last they saw of their son and when his mum called the hostel to speak to him on the Tuesday, staff told her they thought he was staying with them.

His body was found hanging from a tree over a dried-up beck the next day by a young couple walking through the woodland.

A note, which had been signed and printed, was found in the pocket of his jeans and Mr Donnelly also said Mr Cook had kept a notebook which revealed his depression and that he had considered taking an overdose.

Mr Donnelly added: "He doesn't blame anybody or say anything other than that this is a choice that he has made himself.

"I have a cause of death and that is the brain being starved of oxygen as a result of hanging; my conclusion is that he killed himself.

"There is no confirmed date for when he died just that he had been there for some time."